Thursday, May 31, 2012

Around here...

Cherry blossoms, from some'lucky'one else's yard.

My Herb Garden.

Mystery gnome found in my garden.

I think I'll keep him : )


Future Kat Von D?

Imagine, if you will:

The look on James' face lastnight when Ava so boldly announces to him,

'When she's all growed up, she's
going to get tattoos on her hands AND face.'

{Insert small heart attack here}

After some clarifying...
she still considers tattoos to be temporary,
like the ones we use on Canada Day and such.
Nothing the wipe of a warm face cloth wouldn't fix.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer: Part 2

And in our spare time....

HA!  Right--

Spare time is a divine rarity,

at least for these next two months.

Welcome to Spring Soccer, friends!

When Ava's not busy with The Bumblebee's,
{her soccer team}

we're off to the field to watch the dynamo known as, The Blue Dragons.

And I realize that after my previous post, this may come off as being somewhatborderlinebraggy...


Aaron has also proven to have quite the talent for soccer as well.

Yup.  He's a champ :)

Soccer: Part 1

Can we take a moment to talk about what a beast Ava is at soccer?

It's ridiculous.

Not only is she a tall drink of water out there (just like her daddy-o!)
but the girl is a force to be reckoned with.

100% Determination.
No fear.

And at the risk of sounding like a crazed hockey mom

{no offence fellow hockey moms}

just the right amount of aggression.

Which thrills me to no end, because... Well--


she's everything I never was and wished I could be.

Athletic, brave & confident.

...Which makes living vicariously through her that much more satisfying (wink :)


Life is good for Miss Ava these days.

Within the last three weeks
she has managed to accomplish the following 3 tasks:

Ride a two-wheeler

Lose her first tooth


Learn to make her own peanut butter & jam sandwich
(She thinks her sandwiches are, 'The Best. They are sooo good, mama!')

She hardly needs her poor old mum anymore :(