Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Confession: 1

Hello.  My name is Raquel...

 and I somewhat fancy the Twilight Saga.

There I said typed it.

With a statement like that you may be expecting some elaborate explanation.

Well, I have none.

Other than, I found the books fairly entertaining (even the wtd *what the deuce??* of a book Breaking Dawn in all it's skin sparkling, super-human baby, wolf imprinting bizarreness).

Fun reads friends.

Aaaand, it's a great reason to get to the cinema with all your best girls. This evening a select bunch of my fave ladies and I will be going to the premiere of Eclipse.

Yup.  Good times.

That's enough divulging for one day, I'd say.

Carry on.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Beach

Sunday Fun-Day at the beach.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Hallelujah!  She's got a name!
Isabelle Judith.



This is me and my friend Ramie.

Tipi camping back in 2008.

Yes.  We are wearing matching hoodies.

Ramie is my one and only bestie from back in the day.... Well, highschool anyhow (we moved a lot).
We've been friends for over 11 years.

Today is her Golden Birthday.
28 on the 28th.
She's old balls now.
I can say that cuz she's older than me.

If I know Ramie, she'll despise that I chose that picture to display for all to see on her birfday.

So here's just one more:

Happy Birthday Ra'm.
Love ya bunches :)

PS- See you at the spray park! 


Remember this foxy mama?

That's my sis-in-law Kim, or Kimmy as I'm so fond of calling her.

Last night, one torturous day past her due date (tee hee:) she finally gave birth to a healthy 6lb 14oz little girly.

Now, because they had been expecting a boy; results from
a prior in-office ultrasound...
this little beauty has yet to be blessed with a name.

I like Sophia.

Or maybe even Zoe.

Miley has grown on me...

Maybe I should just get my own baby and name it.  James?

PS-- Hoping that soon I'll have a pic to share :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just wanted to share with ya's a glimpse of the eye candy Kirsten had on display at her Stella & Dot Trunk Show/Launch Party.

I myself am awaiting my Soiree Earrings to make their bedazzling way to my door step sometime this week!

Great party Kirst!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

De-Clutterize: Day 4

It never fails... the first day of summer (or any first day of the four seasons, maybe sans winter?) I go into junk disposal mode.  Maybe if there were more seasons this task would not always be so daunting?!

So yeah, I've been busy.
Not just with cleaning either.

Aaron had his last inline hockey game this past weekend, tournament actually.
So that's over.

Ava had her ballet recital, as well.
She loved it.  We loved it.
She wanted to get right back up on stage even after her group was finished performing.
No stage fright there.
We then celebrated with a visit to 'Hey Cupcake!'.
FYI- Cupcake of the month: Men are from Mars

Also, my cake pops were such a hit with Aaron's class last week that his teacher, the fantastic Mrs. S, ordered a batch from me for her daughters birthday this week.
Rainbow bit cake with pink vanilla chocolate.
Sounds girly good, doesn't it.

And still, the cake pop craze will continue as I'll be up to my eyeballs in cake and chocolate this afternoon making a batch for Kirsten's Stella & Dot Trunk Show this Saturday.
Pondering: How to make Cake Pops look fashionable?
My dearest long distance friends (you both know who you are), I do wish you were joining us :(

Professional Cake Pop Samplers.
They've got great taste!

Enjoyed a night out with the lovely LAC ladies (including Aaron's teacher) at the Marble Slab.
One last hoorah you could say, as the school year is now wrapped up.

That evening, Mrs. S told me I was a really good mom.
With a lump in my throat and a stinging in my eye, I told her,
I try really hard.
To which she responded, it doesn't have to be perfect.
Just enjoy the moments while your kids are still young.
Good advice, I think.

My last class of Buns & Bellies wrapped up.
Thank The Lord.

And finally, this morning my thursday girls will be over.
The kids will be so excited once they get their lazy summer bums out of bed.

I predict it's going to be a really great day :)

First strawberry of the year.
For whatever reason, it is tradition for Aaron to be the one who picks it.

You are most certainly right Mrs. S.
Perfection is not necessary.
Enjoying the moment, is.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out

Today, I am feeling nostalgic.
Therefor, I made good use of the 1960's Picnik effect with my pics.

It is Aaron's last day of school today.
Just like that.
A whole year seemingly travelled at warp speed.

This is him on our way out this morning:

See what a whole years worth of education gets you?!
One outstanding young fella if I do say so myself.

Today is also Pajama Day, so no.....
I do not normally send him to school in funny green pants.

Thursday's girls were over this morning.

Here they are playing teddies in the BBQ box.
Also know to Aaron as his airplane.
That would be his artwork drawn all over with the exception of a few scribbled-on buttons he 'allowed' Ava to contribute.

Final thought:
These kids grow up too darn fast.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stella & dot

Guess who just became the newest stylist for Stella & Dot.... not me-- Kirsten!
An she's throwing her very own business launch party June 26.

It's called a trunk party.

If you're a gal that likes pretty baubles, shiny things, couture style and looking fabu..
then this will be the party for you.

Plus, there'll be cake pops.

 Even Taylor Lautner is a fan.  Exhibit A:

(He's wearing the Bull Stamp Necklace)

In all seriousness, stars like Penelope Cruz wear it.

(wearing the Penelope Necklace)

And in James' opinion... that's street cred enough.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cause for Applause

I'll start by saying this has been quite an afternoon!

Just finished lunching with my mom at Montana's, dessert included (Mountain Brownie somethin' or other- yeehaw!) and at this present moment the Frostwire tunes are a blarin', my blueberry tea is steeping and the house is empty sans my giddy self.  Let the blogging begin!

The kids went to the lake this weekend with gramma (we love gramma!) and actually have yet to return.  Sometime this evening we should be expecting them, so I'm told.  So of course, James and I had the weekend to ourselves and not a plan in sight which faired well for us as last weekend the kids were gone but we had plans up the wazoo (Dallas' grad and so on..).

This is not a weekend-ly occurrence that our kids are gone back-to-back so, while missing them dearly, we are relishing the freedom.

Saturday, we spent sipping on Iced Caps and frolicking through Home Depot.
Bought a new BBQ.
The old one (a hand-me-down from a friend) kept flaring up, hence, the weekend before's date to the dump.
We really do go on the most romantic of dates ;)
And so, putting our marriage to the test, we assembled our new BBQ.

We're still kicking it in wedded bliss.
Therefor, mission accomplished.

Sunday, BBQ, of course.

Mmmm, Dill-licious Spuds!

That evening-- Movie night!  Haven't had one of those in a while now...
Featuring: The Time Traveller's Wife.
FYI, the book is 100 times better.

Having just watched the movie last night, this morning I was tickled to receive a text from James stating he himself is a time traveller and that he had just ran into his future self and, damn, I should know I'm a lucky girl...

Silly rabbit, I already know I am :)

If that wasn't enough tom-foolery for one weekend, I also manage to whip up cake pops for Aaron's kindergarten class.  I was assigned July birthday snack, which must of course be celebrated in June as school is out.

Cake Pop: Cake in lollipop form, dipped in chocolate.

Bazzinga, as Dave would say.

All wrapped up and ready to be devoured.

I was a superstar this morning dropping these bad boys off.
They applauded me.

No, seriously... they did.

It rocked.

And lastly, my daisies were looking especially lovely last evening after I gave them their shower.


Happy Monday y'all!
I applaud you :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainbow's End

Annnother field trip day!  And this time I wasn't even chosen to attend, but then one of the  moms couldn't make it and so I was called and yaddy-yadda, here we are: Rainbow's End Farm.

It rained.

All day.

Mud-hole is an understatement.

Thank heaven I borrowed grandma's rubber boots.
Best farm EVER!
It was totally hands-on.  You name it, we held it, chased it, fed it, walked it, snuggled it, etc.-- in brand-new baby form, I might add, as apparently many a farm animal is born this time of year.  Spring, ya know!?

 On the way home, I was surprised in discovering not only does Aaron want to be a bowling teacher when he grows up (?), but he also now wants a farm.

Second most interesting conversation of the day: Aaron and his pal Jack discussing the purpose of the ' hangy things' (Udders.  Do you still call them that on a goat??) on the goat.

 Alpaca X.

Baby ducks!


And goats.

A Snip-It

Just a wee snip-it of Ava's adorableness in ballet class... Well, all the little girlies actually! If you listen closely you can hear their little girly-giggles when they squish together in their circle.  And yes, the boots are back :)

And so here it is: Dance of the Butterflies, or so I've titled!

PS- Welcome new friend!  You've made my blog-lovin' day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Class of 2010

Big weekend, big weekend!  Dallas, our little sis, had her high school graduation!  I haven't much to say other than I'm beamingly proud of her and it was pretty freakin' cool to see her up on that big stage accepting that grand diploma.
And even sweeter than that- she'll be attending college this fall.

The sky's the limit.

Kirsten getting her hair did just right.

Myself, assigned to the task of make up.

Direct quote from the grad gal herself "I feel like a princess!".

Flowers from her charming grad escort, Kyle.

Group shot.....of course :)

Aaand, the only pic I was able to get snagged of my hubby 'n me ;)

Strange to consider that it's been ten years now since I graduated.... yeesh!

Lotsa luv for Dall xo