Monday, June 7, 2010

Class of 2010

Big weekend, big weekend!  Dallas, our little sis, had her high school graduation!  I haven't much to say other than I'm beamingly proud of her and it was pretty freakin' cool to see her up on that big stage accepting that grand diploma.
And even sweeter than that- she'll be attending college this fall.

The sky's the limit.

Kirsten getting her hair did just right.

Myself, assigned to the task of make up.

Direct quote from the grad gal herself "I feel like a princess!".

Flowers from her charming grad escort, Kyle.

Group shot.....of course :)

Aaand, the only pic I was able to get snagged of my hubby 'n me ;)

Strange to consider that it's been ten years now since I graduated.... yeesh!

Lotsa luv for Dall xo


andreandamynoel said...

You and Kirsten did an awesome job making Dallas the Bell of the Ball!!!!

KOosterveld said...

Dallas looks so beautiful!

christen. said...

you are so gorgeous! and awesome job on the makeup. keep up the lovely blogging. :D

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