Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainbow's End

Annnother field trip day!  And this time I wasn't even chosen to attend, but then one of the  moms couldn't make it and so I was called and yaddy-yadda, here we are: Rainbow's End Farm.

It rained.

All day.

Mud-hole is an understatement.

Thank heaven I borrowed grandma's rubber boots.
Best farm EVER!
It was totally hands-on.  You name it, we held it, chased it, fed it, walked it, snuggled it, etc.-- in brand-new baby form, I might add, as apparently many a farm animal is born this time of year.  Spring, ya know!?

 On the way home, I was surprised in discovering not only does Aaron want to be a bowling teacher when he grows up (?), but he also now wants a farm.

Second most interesting conversation of the day: Aaron and his pal Jack discussing the purpose of the ' hangy things' (Udders.  Do you still call them that on a goat??) on the goat.

 Alpaca X.

Baby ducks!


And goats.


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