Monday, June 14, 2010

Cause for Applause

I'll start by saying this has been quite an afternoon!

Just finished lunching with my mom at Montana's, dessert included (Mountain Brownie somethin' or other- yeehaw!) and at this present moment the Frostwire tunes are a blarin', my blueberry tea is steeping and the house is empty sans my giddy self.  Let the blogging begin!

The kids went to the lake this weekend with gramma (we love gramma!) and actually have yet to return.  Sometime this evening we should be expecting them, so I'm told.  So of course, James and I had the weekend to ourselves and not a plan in sight which faired well for us as last weekend the kids were gone but we had plans up the wazoo (Dallas' grad and so on..).

This is not a weekend-ly occurrence that our kids are gone back-to-back so, while missing them dearly, we are relishing the freedom.

Saturday, we spent sipping on Iced Caps and frolicking through Home Depot.
Bought a new BBQ.
The old one (a hand-me-down from a friend) kept flaring up, hence, the weekend before's date to the dump.
We really do go on the most romantic of dates ;)
And so, putting our marriage to the test, we assembled our new BBQ.

We're still kicking it in wedded bliss.
Therefor, mission accomplished.

Sunday, BBQ, of course.

Mmmm, Dill-licious Spuds!

That evening-- Movie night!  Haven't had one of those in a while now...
Featuring: The Time Traveller's Wife.
FYI, the book is 100 times better.

Having just watched the movie last night, this morning I was tickled to receive a text from James stating he himself is a time traveller and that he had just ran into his future self and, damn, I should know I'm a lucky girl...

Silly rabbit, I already know I am :)

If that wasn't enough tom-foolery for one weekend, I also manage to whip up cake pops for Aaron's kindergarten class.  I was assigned July birthday snack, which must of course be celebrated in June as school is out.

Cake Pop: Cake in lollipop form, dipped in chocolate.

Bazzinga, as Dave would say.

All wrapped up and ready to be devoured.

I was a superstar this morning dropping these bad boys off.
They applauded me.

No, seriously... they did.

It rocked.

And lastly, my daisies were looking especially lovely last evening after I gave them their shower.


Happy Monday y'all!
I applaud you :)


andreandamynoel said...

I want a batch of cake pops!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel said...

I would LOVE to make you cake pops :)

KOosterveld said...

WOW!!!! thats all I can say! sounds like it was an awesome weekend and I too would LOVE some cake pops!!! how well do you think they travel?!?!? lol and again thanks so much for another BEAUTIFUL background for my computer! (the daisy)
LOVE the blog (as always) thanks!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

those cake pops look so good! you should post the recipe...I would love to try making those.

Kim said...

I love the blue lollipops! Stopping by on the blog hop:)

Mandy's Creative Corner said...

Following from Pink Dandy Sunday Blog Hop! I {LOVE} your blog =) So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I have your recipe for Cake Pops! I want to make them for Christmas in red if possible! :)

beachbaby said...

Hi there,Im your newest follower from the blog hop

Would love to have you follow me back at

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