Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Til Next Time, May

This past weekend (Saturday actually) was a sight to behold, or loathed entirely rather.  Another bout of snow, or, I hate to admit-- a blizzard. This is what we laid our depressed eyes on, Sunday morning:

Eww, right?!
The good news is it took only a mere day for it all to disappear.

Among other things this weekend, I rescued a red Skittle out of Ava's left nostril, cheered for Aaron at inline, had an all day Star Wars-a-thon (Aaron was in heaven) and enjoyed a night out with the family at our friend's house.

Last night, after receiving news of a frost warning (thanks Garry!) for the first time in my greenthumb-loving life-- I covered my beloved garden with an old sheet.  I figured if my gramma was losing sleep at night over my garden, would it really be too much to kindly cover it up with a little blankey.

Of course not.

These, I call my button flowers.  I think they look like lovely little buttons- and I love them :)
Actually, as you can see from the pik, they are titled 'English Daisies'.

Also, Ava finally got her first real haircut.
For the first two years of her life we battled potential mullet formation with little trims to the hairs on the base of her neck.
The following two years, many a bang trim.
And finally, yesterday, the whole kitten-caboodle.
I'll have to ask Kirsten how many inches she thinks she may have taken off.  Her hair had nearly grown down to her cheeks! 

Today, being June the first.  I will be looking forward to a seasonably warm month with the anticipation of Dallas' high school graduation (coming this weekend!), the ending of school, the unexpected song of the ice cream truck passing by, wandering Farmer's Market and maybe a glimpse of baby goslings at the lake.

June?  Where have you been all my life.


KOosterveld said...

ewww is right (the snow) -- and Ive said it before .. you have such a way with words i tell ya! I wanted to keep reading more but there was nothing left to read :(

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