Friday, August 3, 2012

RPatz and KStew...

This absolutely made my day.

Enjoy : )


{I'm cute.}


Are you seeing this?

For realies...

It's an owl.

And, a Scentsy warmer.

Forgive me for edging on the side of blasphemy,

but you know--

fall is just around the corner (eaaassy...)

and this guy, in all his wizened glory,

would be the perfect warmer to snuggle up to,


Perched atop your bookcase...

Perhaps, with a few cubes of Hazelnut Latte

deliciously swimming about up top?

How's that for a picture painted?!

More importantly, he's 10% off.

But only for the month of August.

Along with everything else Scentsy.

Everything.  10% off.

Get yers gurrl/guy/owl adorer,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

15 + Weeks

Happy Summer, everyone!

Maybe you haven't heard...

We've a bun in our oven.

More specifically, a navel orange at this stage.

And we are very excited to say the least.

Aaron wants a brother.

Ava, a sister...
though she's told me she'd accept another brother if absolutely necessary.

James, another hockey player.

Myself, not to want to eat everything in sight.

            --Seriously guys.

And sadly, no bumpin' pictures yet.

I'm much too busy loathing this delicate 'inbetween' stage.

'Is that a baby in your tummy or did you just eat an entire buffet?'

Not to worry.

I'm sure to get over myself any day now.

And quite honestly, I'm rather enjoying myself along with my darling husband who so sweetly reads me my weekly What to Expect When You're Expecting update.

{Gosh, I love him}

So, yes.

That's me in a nutshell so far this summer.

Knocked up & flip floppin :)