Monday, January 25, 2010

"Sooooo?? How did it go?".

Where to begin?  I'm sure the hundreds of uploaded photos would likely tell the tale....  Both James and I have just returned from one of the most adventurous weeks of our married lives!  For starters, James really enjoyed his first plane ride- EVER (in case I haven't mentioned that for the millionth time).  Still, it was a long flight, even longer seeming if you're as long-legged and uncomfortable as he was.  The weather was sensational and the resort- Beautiful; in a picture perfect, tropical sort of way.  Palm trees galore and blue ocean as far as the eye could see.  What didn't we do?  We swam, snorkeled, danced, dined, siesta'd, lounged pool-side, played volleyball, bartered, held monkeys, dodged giant iguana's, explored, attended theatre shows, rejected offers to compete in the Miss Barcelo Pageant (funny story, that one... ;), went tubing, frolicked on the beach, etc.  I'll tell you what I didn't do-- COOK!  And it was freakin' awesome!  Not having to worry about what to make for dinner for a whole week rated high on the relaxation list (until this point, I had not realized my intense animosity towards meal planning).  And the best part, no tears.  Knowing the kids were in good hands helped ease the longing you would think we'd be suffering, being so far for so many days, away from the kids.  And what more, I really, truly am happy to be home.  I feel refreshed and rejuvinated.  I never have liked January... but this, I could get used to!               

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riviera Maya, HERE WE COME!

I can already hear the morracas, feel the sun and taste the margar-itas.

Our destination-The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, Mexico.  Seven days, all inclusive.  Need I say much more.  Tomorrow is the date of departure and today is my usual last-minute scramble to get things done.  At the top of this list: get passports (cutting that one close), removing unwanted body hair via waxing (Aaaggh, Kelly Clarkson!!), browning my buns, rigorous flip-flop hunt, at-home pedi and a random trip to Walmart for anything we may have forgotten or convinced ourselves we need.  Three things I know for sure: 1. I'm going to take a phenomenal amount of pictures (my memory card is in for an assault).  2. I'm going to get teary, if not down-right sobbing, at least once thinking about Aaron and Ava.  And 3. James is going to have the time of his life (and me too, of course!) being it's his first time traveling on a plane or even going on a long distance vacation.  I'm pretty excited about getting to experience this with him, flying anxiety and all!  Adios Amigos!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Remember last year when.....

....I managed to get that crazy Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster named 'Num-Nums' stuck in my hair and had to rip it out (R.I.P. missing chunk of hair in the back of my head.....)??!  A-c-t-u-a-l-ly, it was Aaron who did it, but who's pointing fingers.... really.  As I opened the packaging of the cute, little, life-like pet that New Year's Eve morning, I ever so ignorantly removed the giant 'KEEP PET AWAY FROM HAIR' sticker affixed to the hamster's back.  Nonchalantly thinking to myself, 'Well, that's a strange and random warning?'.  No, I did not bother to mention this to the kids.  Why?  Maybe because I thought it was a pointless tidbit of info, or maybe subconciously I did not want to tempt the kids into experimenting with the 'why's' of why you should not put the rodent near hair.  Later that evening, after finishing up a web-cam visit with Kim and family, as I was closing-up shop on the computer, hearing that we had company just walk in the door (Josh, Shelley & co.); all of the sudden I feel a strange tug on my scalp.  Aaron's sudden panicking tipped me off that this could not be good.  Reaching to the back of my head, I grasp what feels like the soft fur of Num-Nums, the adorable little hamster-- And I can only let out a burst of laughter (and panic), suddenly remembering the 'not-so-subtle' warning sticker I had so idiotically thrown out without a thought earlier that day.  Thank goodness Shelley had shown up when she did.  She was able to tackle the task of trying to salvage what hair she could before having to go balls-out and rip the hamster free of my hair.  Poor Aaron, as you can see from the photo below, felt awful and was certain I was not going to survive the ordeal (a worry wart in nature).  We escaped the situation with a minor chunk of hair missing from my head, and Shelley with minor injuries to her finger caused by wrapping my hair around it and yanking it as hard as she could from the hamster.  No matter.... I still think Num-Nums is the cutest little hamster around..... when he's not attached to my head.