Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Riviera Maya, HERE WE COME!

I can already hear the morracas, feel the sun and taste the margar-itas.

Our destination-The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, Mexico.  Seven days, all inclusive.  Need I say much more.  Tomorrow is the date of departure and today is my usual last-minute scramble to get things done.  At the top of this list: get passports (cutting that one close), removing unwanted body hair via waxing (Aaaggh, Kelly Clarkson!!), browning my buns, rigorous flip-flop hunt, at-home pedi and a random trip to Walmart for anything we may have forgotten or convinced ourselves we need.  Three things I know for sure: 1. I'm going to take a phenomenal amount of pictures (my memory card is in for an assault).  2. I'm going to get teary, if not down-right sobbing, at least once thinking about Aaron and Ava.  And 3. James is going to have the time of his life (and me too, of course!) being it's his first time traveling on a plane or even going on a long distance vacation.  I'm pretty excited about getting to experience this with him, flying anxiety and all!  Adios Amigos!


KOosterveld said...

YAY!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! I cant wait to see all your pictures and hear about the AWESOME time I know you're going to have!!! HAVE FUN!!! and have a drink for me hehehe!

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