Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 27, 2000

Eleven years ago, on this date...

My youngest sister, Dallas, was involved in a car accident that would forever change her life
and leave her with a permanent brain injury.

Exactly eleven years later, to the date--

We are off to watch our girl, Dally,
take the stage to receive her Transitional Vocational Certificate and graduate from college!


I think it's a pretty bittersweet moment...
the sweet by far outweighing the bitter.

And, as I've mentioned in other posts,
I'm terribly proud.

Way to go, Dall!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Be Ninjas

Remember that day when I unexpectedly ran across a traveling band of ninjas?

Oh yeah,
That was just this last weekend.

Secret Ingredients

Not that I think it would be of any great interest to you but,

about a month ago

while digging through my frustratingly sad excuse for a spice cabinet

.....and by 'spice cabinet', I mean

dozens of ziploc-style,
sharpie marker labeled, or not labeled at all--


Pathetic.  Baggies.

All shoved into my top cupboard.

Some closely resembling the marijuana....

It's a mess.

And most of the spices are older than the dinosaurs.


And so ensues my newest endeavour:

Building a new spice collection.

New & only rule: NBA
~No Baggies Allowed~

Which brings me to the point of this silly post.

Yesterday, I made my best two discoveries yet....

.....And I know I'm not crazy cause even the lady assisting me at check-out
was equally enthralled by these two lovelies....

McCormick's Gourmet Lavender
McCormick's Gourmet Cocoa Chili Blend

I'm thinking cupcakes.

But then again,
I'm always thinking cupcakes:]