Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Secret Ingredients

Not that I think it would be of any great interest to you but,

about a month ago

while digging through my frustratingly sad excuse for a spice cabinet

.....and by 'spice cabinet', I mean

dozens of ziploc-style,
sharpie marker labeled, or not labeled at all--


Pathetic.  Baggies.

All shoved into my top cupboard.

Some closely resembling the marijuana....

It's a mess.

And most of the spices are older than the dinosaurs.


And so ensues my newest endeavour:

Building a new spice collection.

New & only rule: NBA
~No Baggies Allowed~

Which brings me to the point of this silly post.

Yesterday, I made my best two discoveries yet....

.....And I know I'm not crazy cause even the lady assisting me at check-out
was equally enthralled by these two lovelies....

McCormick's Gourmet Lavender
McCormick's Gourmet Cocoa Chili Blend

I'm thinking cupcakes.

But then again,
I'm always thinking cupcakes:]


KOosterveld said...

haha youre too funny and I would love to try thoes cupcakes some time they sound like it would be yummy!!

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