Friday, August 3, 2012

RPatz and KStew...

This absolutely made my day.

Enjoy : )


{I'm cute.}


Are you seeing this?

For realies...

It's an owl.

And, a Scentsy warmer.

Forgive me for edging on the side of blasphemy,

but you know--

fall is just around the corner (eaaassy...)

and this guy, in all his wizened glory,

would be the perfect warmer to snuggle up to,


Perched atop your bookcase...

Perhaps, with a few cubes of Hazelnut Latte

deliciously swimming about up top?

How's that for a picture painted?!

More importantly, he's 10% off.

But only for the month of August.

Along with everything else Scentsy.

Everything.  10% off.

Get yers gurrl/guy/owl adorer,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

15 + Weeks

Happy Summer, everyone!

Maybe you haven't heard...

We've a bun in our oven.

More specifically, a navel orange at this stage.

And we are very excited to say the least.

Aaron wants a brother.

Ava, a sister...
though she's told me she'd accept another brother if absolutely necessary.

James, another hockey player.

Myself, not to want to eat everything in sight.

            --Seriously guys.

And sadly, no bumpin' pictures yet.

I'm much too busy loathing this delicate 'inbetween' stage.

'Is that a baby in your tummy or did you just eat an entire buffet?'

Not to worry.

I'm sure to get over myself any day now.

And quite honestly, I'm rather enjoying myself along with my darling husband who so sweetly reads me my weekly What to Expect When You're Expecting update.

{Gosh, I love him}

So, yes.

That's me in a nutshell so far this summer.

Knocked up & flip floppin :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Around here...

Cherry blossoms, from some'lucky'one else's yard.

My Herb Garden.

Mystery gnome found in my garden.

I think I'll keep him : )


Future Kat Von D?

Imagine, if you will:

The look on James' face lastnight when Ava so boldly announces to him,

'When she's all growed up, she's
going to get tattoos on her hands AND face.'

{Insert small heart attack here}

After some clarifying...
she still considers tattoos to be temporary,
like the ones we use on Canada Day and such.
Nothing the wipe of a warm face cloth wouldn't fix.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soccer: Part 2

And in our spare time....

HA!  Right--

Spare time is a divine rarity,

at least for these next two months.

Welcome to Spring Soccer, friends!

When Ava's not busy with The Bumblebee's,
{her soccer team}

we're off to the field to watch the dynamo known as, The Blue Dragons.

And I realize that after my previous post, this may come off as being somewhatborderlinebraggy...


Aaron has also proven to have quite the talent for soccer as well.

Yup.  He's a champ :)

Soccer: Part 1

Can we take a moment to talk about what a beast Ava is at soccer?

It's ridiculous.

Not only is she a tall drink of water out there (just like her daddy-o!)
but the girl is a force to be reckoned with.

100% Determination.
No fear.

And at the risk of sounding like a crazed hockey mom

{no offence fellow hockey moms}

just the right amount of aggression.

Which thrills me to no end, because... Well--


she's everything I never was and wished I could be.

Athletic, brave & confident.

...Which makes living vicariously through her that much more satisfying (wink :)


Life is good for Miss Ava these days.

Within the last three weeks
she has managed to accomplish the following 3 tasks:

Ride a two-wheeler

Lose her first tooth


Learn to make her own peanut butter & jam sandwich
(She thinks her sandwiches are, 'The Best. They are sooo good, mama!')

She hardly needs her poor old mum anymore :(

Thursday, April 12, 2012

26 Things You Maybe Don't Know About Me?!

{Yes, I'm aware this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post}

But also, maybe it does.

It's super springy out & I am finally feeling refreshed
after a lengthy abandonment from this dear blog of mine.
{I'm sorry, baby! I'll never leave you again!}

Moving on.

I've always wanted to do my own '25 Things You Don't Know About Me' segment.

All the celebrities do it!

Why shouldn't I?

Actually, what I was really thinking (and hoping I suppose) is that I may have some fresh faces just newly following, and some random 'did-you-know's' might just be the ticket to welcome this new year of blog-y goodness.

So, without further ado,

26 (just to be different) Things You Maybe Don't Know About Me?!

1. The only nick-name I had growing up was 'Raquely-Belly' or 'Raquely O'Belly'.

I was once called 'Raquelculator' by a fellow peer in math class... And.  I wish it would have stuck.

2. I make it my life's mission, not to be late.  If anything, I'm 15 minutes early.

3. I don't fart.
Although, my husband is convinced he's caught me a few times...

4. I wake up at 6:30 every morning, Mon-Fri.  The early bird catches the worm, or at the very least, enjoys a peaceful 30 minutes to herself before the day begins.

5. I keep an insanely impeccable calender.  The Mom's Fridge-Magnet Calender to be precise.  Appointment/activity/birthday.... you name it.  It's on there.  I'm certain I spend nearly up to an hour collectively staring at my fridge, daily.

6. I've never been stung by a bee.  Or wasp.  Or hornet, for that matter.

7. If I could choose which retired T.V. series I'd like to see do a reunion show, it would have to be Dawson's Creek.  Hands down.

8. My first job was working at a movie theatre and my first boss had a wooden hand.

9. When I was 20, I was accepted into hair college just a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant.  And so, I dropped the course and became a mom.  Ironically, just the change I was needing in life.

10. I have no desire whatsoever to visit outer space.  In fact,  I'm scared of space.

11. I have one, and one only, tattoo.  I got it when I was 16 with my dad's consent.  And yes, it's a lame-o butterfly.  Ugh.
Thanks Dad :/

12. I've always considered having my nose pierced, but am convinced I have too many freckles to pull it off.

13. I have a debilitating fear of snakes.

14.  You'll never catch me jumping out of a plane.  Ever.  EVERRRR.
(Unless there's snakes on it)

15. I see 20/15.  Astronaut vision.

16. The first horror movie I ever watched, back when I was in grade 7, seriously traumatized me.  Seriously.

17. I secretly had a crush on Prince William (Wills back then) when I was in grade 8.

18. I am, The. Worst. Video. Gamer. Ever.

19. When it comes to baking, I strive for perfection.  Taste and appearance.  Anything else is unacceptable.

20. I love to vacuum.  I usually do it at least twice a day.  Question is: Do I love it?  Or is it obsessive compulsive disorder.
(I always thought it might be neat to have one of those...)

21. The Office is the only show on earth that can cheer me up, no matter what.  I adore Michael Scott.  Even when he embarrasses me.

22. I am the oldest of 5 children.

23. I wish I knew how to use Photoshop like a champ.

24. I believe in a grey area.  Not everything is black and white.

25. I love the Fillet O' Fish from McDonald's.

26. (*See admission #25) I hope we can still be friends.