Friday, August 3, 2012


{I'm cute.}


Are you seeing this?

For realies...

It's an owl.

And, a Scentsy warmer.

Forgive me for edging on the side of blasphemy,

but you know--

fall is just around the corner (eaaassy...)

and this guy, in all his wizened glory,

would be the perfect warmer to snuggle up to,


Perched atop your bookcase...

Perhaps, with a few cubes of Hazelnut Latte

deliciously swimming about up top?

How's that for a picture painted?!

More importantly, he's 10% off.

But only for the month of August.

Along with everything else Scentsy.

Everything.  10% off.

Get yers gurrl/guy/owl adorer,


KOosterveld said...

so cute! and you make it sounds so wonderful!!!

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