Monday, May 24, 2010

All May Long

Decided not to subject ourselves to camping this May Long Weekend. And rightfully so-- it snowed.

Did not much of anything exciting really.
Had our niece, Chey, for a sleepover.  That was nice.
Visited four different shopping malls over the course of the weekend.  Also nice.
Visited a couple of friends.
Planted more greenery in the garden.
Watched the movie 'Shorts'.
Made Lemon Poppyseed Scones from scratch.
Cleaned, just a little.
Painted my nails a newly discovered shade going by the name 'Peacock'.
Got excited about Camp Day cups from Timmy Ho's.
Barbequed bacon-wrapped asparagus (you read me right-- bacon wrapped.)
Watched the boys play a little street hockey.
Looked high and low for my tweezers.
Failed to locate my tweezers.
Nailed off a few pages of The Fellowship of the Ring.

And finally,
enjoyed what little sunshine was too be offered today, being Monday :)

Yahooo!  Just as exciting as the christmas cups.  The anticipation of summer.

Ava's Motto: Waste not, want not.

'Peacock' from Joe.
Only four dolla bill ya'll!


KOosterveld said...

i tell ya only you can make nail polish and a coffee cup from tims look so good in a photo! -- i want that nail polish btw lol -- sounds like it was a good weekend!

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