Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy 100th Post!

Can it be?!  100 posts already?!

And what better way to celebrate than featuring my hubby's new do!
After a two year long grow sess, mostly inspired by musician Dave Grohl's luscious mane... James decided, it was time.
Bu-bye hippy hair.
And so, The Beauty Parlour was paged and all the necessary arrangements made.

I call this: Dear In the Headlights
(pun intended)

James thought it fitting that at the exact moment of having his hair shampoo'd to be cut... a somewhat melancholy song could be overheard playing from the parlour speakers....  

    The kids getting their DS on while Daddy gets his hair did.
Those things sure do come in handy.

Aaron's exact comment "Dad!  You look younger!".
Rather handsome, I'd say.

Now about that beard........


KOosterveld said...

you sure have a great way of describing things!! youre one creative girl I tell ya! looks like it was fun for all with a great outcome in the end -- looks awesome James!!

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