Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is what we have to work with. 
It could be worse...
Some people don't even have a garden :(

Greenthumbness: Limited; although improving yearly thanks to my gramma.
Lovely Assistants: Aaron & Ava

Pretending to be flowers.
Sidenote: Ava's new fave choice of footwear- Aaron's old cowboy boots.

...To be transplanted.

You'd think after nearly draining the bank account at the greenhouse we wouldn't run into this problem:
Not enough flowers (hence, the big gaping hole missing flowers)!?
Ugh... back to the greenhouse.  Maybe tomorrow.

Pat on the back for me-- selected my greenery and arranged my own planters!  Two of them :)


KOosterveld said...

looks great! awesome job!
ps. love the cowboy boots :)

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