Thursday, April 29, 2010

Real Busy-Like

Whatta week!  I figure a photo montage would be the best way to deliver the goods.
First, our darling daughter started ballet this past Tuesday- Yay!!  Ava has anxiously been counting down the days for her classes to start and was jazzed about her first session.  I wondered about being a little over the top with the whole 'outfit', but I was pleased to find the other little ballerinas were equally frilly and pink (sooo adorable!).  The weather was really crappy that day so I wasn't able to get the best photo of her so these will have to do!

Aaron instructing her on achieving the perfect diamond shape... I have to say, the boy was paying attention.  He'll be hanging with me while she has her classes, which I'm very pleased about as Ava has spent countless hours attending hockey-- she's more than done her time!

So cute!

Wednesday, I tagged along with Aaron's kindergarten class on a field trip to the greenhouse (I was hoping to get picked for this one!!).

Goofing-off on the bus ride.

Man, how did he get so cute?

Get ready for it.....  GLORIOUS rows and rows of the most beautiful, luscious hydrangeas I've ever seen!  I took at least two dozen photos of them-- I couldn't contain myself.

Some fancy editing.....

Counting down the days 'til the May long weekend is finally here so I can get my garden on!

Wednesday evening-- Inline Hockey evaluations.  It's a bittersweet thing really.....  Hockey season just ends and inline just starts up.  Still amping myself for a 2-3 evenings a week schedule....


He's gonna have bigger pipes than me at this rate.....  And check out the sweat he worked up?!!

And, last but not least...  A pic of me and my sis from a birthday party we attended on Friday.  I love her bunches and we have alotta fun together :)


And who can deny James and Dustin's affections...... certainly, not me.


Butterflygirlms said...

You have a beautiful family! Adorable kids!

KOosterveld said...

Ava looks sooooo cute!!! and i love the flower pictures very beautiful!! cant wait to see you!!!

KOosterveld said...

btw used you edited pic of the flowers as my new background!! thanks! :)

Deepa said...

She looks adorable. I know what you mean about it being her turn. That's how I exactly felt for Shae after she attend yours, Kirsten's and Dustin's games and performances. Really happy for Eva. Where do you have her enrolled? Deepa

Deepa said...

Oops sorry for the typO I posted/submitted before reading it over. AVA not EVA.

Raquel said...

Lol, I knew you meant Ava! Festival Place is where she's taking classes. Grace's daughter, Rachel, is in her class. It looks like she's really going to enjoy it, thank you!

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