Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Vintage Mix Stock Flowers}

Would you believe these flowers are from my very own wildly 'rustic' garden?

Me neither.
But they are.

Just picked them out from the greenhouse this past monday.

My giddy-greenthumb heart dropped when the greenhouse keeper advise me to cut the blooms off immediately after planting.

You know, to encourage new blooms...?


I'm trying to be a real keener this year
in regards to my garden
so, sadly, I did as the lady recommended.

But not without snapping a quick pic of just how gorgeous these flowers are.

--Funny, how anything with the label 'vintage' tacked onto it, instantly becomes superfabulous?!


KOosterveld said...

lol oops totally just read it all as one post not two -- so anyway -- LOVE the flowers!!!!

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