Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our Sweet Babou

10:54am January 19, 2013
8lbs 4oz
Our sweet babou is finally here!
And already one month old today.
We now have three kids-- THREE KIDS!!
While there have been many obvious adjustments made in just about every aspect of all four our lives-- it is easy to say, she fits in perfectly.
Our days now mostly consist of: Sweet snuggles, poopy diapers, tiny clothes, sleepless nights & oodles and oodles of booby time.
And I'm soaking it all in and relishing every moment, the sweet and the trying...
For before you know it,
babes become toddlers,
toddlers become children
& so on and so on it goes.


Kim Oosterveld said...

cant wait to meet sweet little annie :)

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