Monday, November 16, 2009

Maggie Walt's Hidden Gems Event

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to sit/model for Kirsten at a local fashion event 'The Beauty Parlour 'was participating in.  Basically, I sat on my butt and had a glass of wine while she demo'd different hairstyles using my mop of hair.  It was a pretty sweet couple of hours to myself and I always anticipate seeing what kind of crazy tricks Kirsten has up her sleeve.  For instance, she sewed me up one sexy updo using a plastic needle and some embroidery thread- no bobby-pins needed!  Who woulda thunk?!  It was a good time and best-of-all, I was sent home with runway-ready hair and free swag to boot.


andreandamynoel said...

You look amazing!!!!!!

Hazel Kuck said...

Hi Racquel,thank you for this blog! We can sort of keep up with your family! Looks like you and Kirten had fun on your hair! Do you know what your famly is doing for Xmas? We would love to spend some time with you guys! and see the kids

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