Monday, November 30, 2009

Riding the Christmas High

Thank heaven the past week is done and over.  Between the hours upon hours spent in the doctor's office with Aaron's mysterious illness, not too mention I spent the week before that in the medicentre myself with strep throat, parent-teacher interviews, Festival of Trees field trip, and the Buddybreak Christmas Cheer lunch... A peaceful weekend was long overdue.  Sunday evening we put up the Christmas tree.  We have quite the tradition beginning to develop between our little family.  Aaron and I assemble the tree.  All of the branches are color-coded and numbered so it works out to be a great learning activity for Aaron having to sort out the different piles of branches and then deciphering which numbers go where on the tree.  He loves it and I think it makes him feel pretty important, too.  I then apply the lights and the ribbon-- this always seem to result in a quick dash to Walmart as there always seems to be a string of lights not functioning properly and I haven't the patience to figure out which bulb is causing all the trouble.  Then follows the decorating.  While I practice extreme self-control, denying myself the strong urge to rearrange the dozens of ornaments that are quickly gathering on only the bottom branches; James helps alleviate my OCD by assisting the kids in hanging their favorite ornaments at the top of the tree. An evening this Christmas-y could only be complete by enjoying a steamy mug of Candy Cane hot chocolate....... followed by a secret rearranging of a few ornaments here and there, of course, after the kids have gone up to bed ;-) 


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