Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day for Family.

Family Day.  One of my favorite ways to spend quality time with the kids; baking.  The menu: Crispy Fruit Pizza and Purple Cow Milkshakes.  Hand selected by yours truly- Aaron and Ava, via the Company's Coming Kid's cook book.  The mission: divy-up all ingredients on two seperate shopping lists.  Aaron and I attack one list, and team Ava and Daddy, the other.  Who could find their items fastest?  Everyone's a winner on family day..... but Aaron and I were faster.  Cooking, blending, paring, and assembly were soon to follow.  The outcome: pure, tasty success.

*Photos are all compliments of Aaron's fine photography skills (likes to capture every special moment, just like his mum;)        


KOosterveld said...

sounds like a great day!! and looks yummy too!! youre such a GREAT mom!!!

Raquel said...

Thanks Kim-- that means a lot to me ;)

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