Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ukrainian Village

This year of Kindergarten, I've been picked to volunteer for two of the more exciting (in my opinion :) field trips; Festival of Trees and yesterday, Ukrainian Village.  Fingers crossed (x) for the greenhouse field trip...  Aaron's part of a really fun class of kids and his teacher is always enjoyable to hang out with.  There are a lot of laughs to be had when you're hanging out with twenty five-year-olds.  Not to mention, the last time I had been to the Ukrainian Village I was Aaron's age exactly!  On a kindergarten field trip.  The focus of the trip; help the pioneers prepare for Easter.  Our tasks were making Paska and decorating eggs.  Both held special meaning in representing the death and resurrection of Jesus, so not only were we having a good time but also learning about the symbolism of the eggs, bread and easter baskets.  Pretty refreshing with the Easter holiday fast approaching.
We had a great time together.  As always, I consider myself blessed to share in these moments with my fave lil' guy.


KOosterveld said...

thats so cool I cant wait to do things like that with the kids when they're in school!

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