Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm Smitten

Meet Storm, Goldie & Fog
(I took the liberty of naming the second one Goldie as, apparently, it is nameless...)

It was love at first sight.

So much so, I ran out this morning to buy mine.

At 3 for $10.

Who could refuse that?

Just one more reason why I get all ga-ga this time of year.

And here are two more trinkets I think you're going to be smitten with...

{I know I am}

Bath and Body Works 'Creamy Pumpkin' & 'Caramel Apple' Hand Soaps.

Strange that ridiculously yummy hand soaps can make one person's home feel so complete?!

And lastly,

I love me some Stella & Dot.

And just recently I was lucky enough to be gifted this little gem (Thank you Kirsty :) to add to my small collection:


Vintage Twist Bracelet- Gold from their Fall/Winter Collection.

Isn't she lovely?


Mary EH! said...

Oohh, MUST HAVE these nail polishes!! I think Fog's my favourite.

KOosterveld said...

love the nail polish -- too bad my joe here is small and wont have any :( I also wish I could have that hand soap! I agree yummy handsoap does make a home feel complete! now i want to go out and find some nice fall things to buy lol :)

Anonymous said...

Love checking in to see what you & the family are up to. Your enthusiam for life and all it holds is wonderfully contagious. From your delicious recipes (cake pops) to your quirky quotes and fabulous go girl.:)

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