Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ava Lou Who

Two weeks back now,

I managed to find Ava's Halloween costume whilst perusing Winners.

My excitement cannot be contained.....

Cupcake Cutie altered to become Cindy Lou Who.

I've been waiting to perform this costume since the day the ultrasound concluded 'It's a Girl!'......

And lucky for me.... Ava bares a striking resemblance to Little Miss Who:

Lil' bit?!

Or just reaching.....

No matter.

To my delight, it's happening either way.


KOosterveld said...

I dont think theres any reaching at all -- they do look alike!! And I cant wait to see pictures of her in her costume! shes going to look sooo cute!!! ps. thanks for the new blog :) hehe

andreandamynoel said...

Yes I agree with Kim, she will look super cute and I am excited to see pics!! Also very glad you blogged!!! Missed you!!

Kate said...

Oh, I love it! She does look like her! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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