Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cupcakes Won. They always do.....

I admit defeat.

The 'Cindy Lou Who' costume did not turn out as planned.

Or rather, I failed to even attempt it.

Booo me.

In my defence, there was A LOT going on...

Pumpkins to be carved,

Treats to be purchased,

Cider to be made (recipe to follow, your welcome),

Treats to be purchased again because we ate all of the other treats we just bought....

{I'm lucky Ava's hair even received some one-on-one time with the curling iron}

I may have been just a bit over-ambitious this Hallow's Eve.

So, as it were, Ava was satisfied to 'just be' a Cupcake Cutie...

(Although, just the day before Halloween she nearly had a meltdown with some crazy talk about wanting to be a donkey instead-- WTFudge?!)

And, Aaron was a Shadow Ninja.


Regardless, it was a Happy Halloween.

Our kids were still as ridiculously cute as ever.

The weather was fantastic for the third year in a row!!

And while we didn't have as many trick-or-treating friends with us as last year, the group photo would make you think otherwise...

Best Homemade Apple Cider Eva!

Get your crockpots out!

This cider recipe will rock the socks off any one of your guests because:

A. It's 'homemade' and the best dang cider you'll've ever tasted

And B. It'll make your whole home smell like it belongs to some cozy holiday special on t.v.

You'll be needing:

1 Litre of Apple juice

1/3 cup of Brown Sugar

2 Cinnamon Sticks

6 Whole Cloves

6 Whole Allspice
(I can never find 'whole' Allspice so I just use the powder and sprinkle a bunch into the pot)
That's how 'real' chefs roll...

And, 1/8 a tsp of salt

Add all the ingredients to your crockpot.

Crank up the heat and let simmer for at least an hour.

Keep warm all day long and enjoy throughout the day!

PS- You're gonna wanna double up the recipe..... Trust me.

Happy Halloween!!!


KOosterveld said...

looks like it was so much fun -- and your kids always look so cute! no matter what! And i cant wait to try out the cider recipe! mmmm yummy!

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