Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Open Road

Went road trippin' with my brother this weekend.

Bright and squirrelly Sunday.

It was one of those perfectly gloomy mornings that I love.

I yapped his ear off nearly the whole two hours,
but I don't think he minded.

We laughed a bit too
and said non-sensical things, like 'sasssy' and 'tenderrr'.

We were in good musical company as well.

Florence and the Machines
I {heart} Cosmic Love
plus whatever randomness he had on his iPhone.

Certainly, one of those 'good for the soul' journeys, for reals.

Once destination reached, we got to snuggle a cuddle out of this guy too.



KOosterveld said...

sounds like a fun trip!! and cute baby too :)
ps.very awesome picture .. only you can make such a simple picture look sooooooo great!!! :)

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