Monday, November 8, 2010

If Celebrating Christmas This Early Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

The verdict is in:

Purchasing a new holiday cd- Guilty.

Listening to that new holiday cd- Mildly guilty.

The kids and I only listened to it in the truck.
Just for a little bit.
Just to make sure it was good.....

Stocking up on assorted Hershey's Chipits (semi-sweet, mini Kisses, mint chocolate, peanut butter & Skor toffee bits) for Christmas baking....

Totally Guilty.

Ask yourself: Can you really be guilty of being too prepared?!

Going to the book store to buy a new novel and instead walking out with Betty Crocker's 'Christmas Cookbook'- Innocent Bystander.

I was not planning on this.

Enjoying a Second Cup  Eggnog Latte- Guilty.
(FYI- James was an accomplice......)

Aquiring the new holiday hand soaps from Bath & Body Works- Super Guilty.

Shamelessly bought those over two weeks ago....

Eye-ing up a new slim Christmas tree.....
Shamefully Guilty.

The one we have works just fine...

And the nail in the coffin.....

Hanging up the outdoor Christmas lights--- BUSTED GUILTY.

Gotta get 'em up before the weather turns nasty.
Reeelax!!  I haven't even turned them on yet.
Only to test them out........

*All photos found on Google images


KOosterveld said...

LOVE IT!!! -- there is no shame in any of that! I think its all wonderful!! :) I have pulled out all the christmas movies, kids christmas books and we've even listened to some carols today! its all good!! :-) as long as you dont have your tree up yet then youre good!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I LOVE ALL OF THIS! There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christmas the second fall arrives in my opinion! haha

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