Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The 'Nice' List

My good behavior must have paid off this year,

'cause Santa paid me an early visit yesterday-- and boy, did he deliver.....

Ladies and Gentlemen--

~Meet the new love in my life~
{next to my dearest husband}

My.New.Camera. so lovingly entitled: Nikon D90!!!

'Ohhh Yeaaa-hh, S-A-S-S-SY!"

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love and adore my husband,

xo James xo
(Jim Plumb to you)

not just because he blessed me with this electronic thing-of-beauty...

And not just because he has known an understood how badly I've desired a camera like this for sometime now....

But because he's my best friend and he knows me through and through.

Today, I am over the moon :)


Ps. I have NOT forgot about the Whoopy Pies....
I'm just too obsessed with my new toy today to get to it :)


KOosterveld said...

WOW!!!that is awesome!!!! youre one lucky lady for sure!! cant wait to see your pictures now that you have the camera to match your talent!!! (oh i love the strap too hahaha)

Raquel said...

Thanks Kim!! Yeah... this camera and I are going to great things :)!!!

Crystal said...

Congrats on your new baby (cam)!!! Found your blog through Leelou blogs and had to follow =) LOVE the blog and you're gorgeous!! Lucky lucky lady!


c_haraga said...

Beautiful xoxoxoxo he he I love your blob been looking at it for an hour lol xoxoox

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