Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Girl

Ma baby's all growed up...

Well not really.

She's still only just 4 and just about three quarters.


She's our youngest

and just yesterday she graduated into a .'Big.Girl.Bed'

Up until now
she's been kicking it in her crib/toddler daybed.

A friend of my husbands, via trusty ol' facebook,
was offering a


A children's solid oak bed frame, mattress, matching dresser and night stand
all for the price of $80.

DING, DING, DING: We have a deal folks.

So, yesterday's task was disassembling Ava's daybed/crib.

And I knew, in the back of my head, that this would be the defining moment...

When hubby would either suggest we store it down in the basement (I knew this not to be likely...)


Casually mention its sentimental value and all in the same sentence prescribe its near approaching inevitable fate of being donated to The Salvation Army.

Of course, the latter had occurred.

Sweetly, he mentions to me the valuable years this particular crib has served us
(being the only crib we have ever owned and used for both our children; gifted to us by my Dad)
and how it'll be making its journey to some other destination.

I have never been one...

Well, that's not entirely true.

Let me rephrase:

Over the past few years,
I have worked very hard at purging unnecessary items from our household.
(the T.V. show 'Horders' totally freaks me out... and makes me feel really freakin' fantastic about my house, all at the same time)

I am a sentimental person, to a certain degree...

Photos and handmade items hold very important value in my books.

The rest,
I have very easily *mostly* packed up and handed off to whoever was willing to take it.

Baby swing, bouncy chair, clothing (minus a few memorable outfits), high chair...

all of it gone.

But The Crib.


Like, if The Crib is gone, then what???

No more kids?!

I'm too young to contemplate the finality of a decision like that.

He might as well have suggested to me to have my tubes tied.

I'm only 28 (just turned... fyi) for Pete's sake, whoever he is....

Now my husband,

not to be mistaken for some cruel insensitive wiener...

Was only assuming the obvious.

We're done with The Crib.

Obviously, it should move along...

somewheres other than our little condo.

Cuz, of course, we no longer need it

and space is limited.

That being said;

We are also a couple who,
from day-to-day,
contemplate, one more?
No more.
Two more?!!!
No more....

And herein lies the (un)official deal:

Once we've bought a house,
an event that will more than likely be occurring this next year or so,
we will potentially have two more children....... potentially.

Two, because of course, we couldn't have the other one being all lonely and whatnot.


In conclusion,
tonight, while the hubby and kiddies are all fast asleep in their big girl and big boy beds,

I will ever so quietly sneak The Crib, in all its hardware and pieces,
down to the basement and cover it up with an unsuspecting blanket where no one will think twice about it's contents or suspiciously eye it up for taking up too much space.

Problem solved.



KOosterveld said...

i LOVE your solution!!great idea he'll never notice!! -- and i agree that bedroom set was a GREAT deal!! and must say i love her bedding sooooo cute!! (not to mention the picture is awesome as well!) And i agree if youre going to have more , 2 is the way to go!! :)

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