Monday, November 22, 2010

You Do the Crime, You Pay the Fine

Today it's -25.

In temperature terms that is.
Frigidly cold.
Windchill -34.

And what would one find me doing on this bitterly chilly day?!

Appearing in front of the justice of the court in regards to my photo radar ticket (s-p-e-e-d-i-n-g) bestowed upon me this past August.

August the 3rd to be precise.

For the low price of just $113, you too can have a professional portrait like-a-this-a-one!!

So, my plan of attack:

Plead guilty, but beg to have the fine reduced. 

FYI- I am a law abiding citizen folks!
{Except on the third day of August}

Ever since entering the era of mommy-hood, I travel at reasonable speeds people.

Arrive alive, is my motto (wink)!
{And try not to run anyone over along the way}

Moving on.....

As I prepared myself for today's task at hand and evaluated how I might approach the situation... random scenarios began to run through my head.

In one scenario I drop the line, 'Go easy on me, Mister- It's Christmas'.
(Turns out 'mister' was actually a 'sister')

Another, I consider buttering he/she up with a care package of my homemade Whoopie Pies (post to follow all about making whoopie)...

But I then quickly recoil at the thought of being ticketed yet again for baked-good bribery.

Realizing that none of these scenarios were very realistic, I threw on my lucky jeggings.

Are the really lucky?

One never really knows....

I do know, however, I did manage to have my fine lowered from $113 to a reasonable $85.


The End



KOosterveld said...

hahaha youre too funny!! and cute .. cant wait to find out how make whoopy :) -- glad to hear you had success getting your fine reduced!

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