Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two S#@Ts

Recap: Aaron's beloved DS all of 4 months new old; bites the dust after being dropped.

Splintered screen.

Long story.

This past Tuesday:

Aaron: 'Hey Dad.  If I score a goal today at

 hockey, do ya think you could buy me a new


James: 'Well, Aaron......'

(Me: Throwing James the hairy eyeball)

'If you score three goals, I'll buy you a new


James: Feeling particularly confident as Aaron is on a 7 month long no-goal slump.

Me: Shaking my head.....

Early that evening:

(Aaron, yellow pinny, playing centre & taking the face-off......)

This being Aaron's second goal of the night, hence the

profanity escaping James' mouth. 


Lesson learned.

Bribery is effective.

Also this past Tuesday:

Whilst merrily driving down my neighborhood street, minding my business....

Me: 'Oooh, lightening!'

2 seconds later/after brain fart....

'Aww, S#IT!!'

Photo Radar.

I'll be expecting my portrait in the mail.


KOosterveld said...

LOL photo radar LOL that sucks but its pretty funny .. as well as james response to aarons goal lol

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