Monday, August 23, 2010

Wish Granted: Cake Pops

Hello friends!

With the addition of a few new followers (Welcome :) also comes the request for

The Cake Pop How-To.

Ask and you shall receive!

Bakerella is The.Queen.of.Cake.Pops.

She is the master cake popper herself and her site is where I find a lot of my baking inspiration. 

Her cake pop madness can be found by clicking on Don't lick, bite

You'll be happy you did.

I've dabbled with the recipe quite a few times now

and so

I think it only neighborly to give you a few of the pointers I learned along the way...

You know--- trial and error.

Cake Pop Tid Bits:

*If using a light cake mix, such as white or golden-- I find trimming off the browned edges of the cake once baked and cooled help keep the inside of the pop look tasty, avoiding unsightly brown clumps from appearing once bitten.

*Her recipe states to mix the cake with one whole tub of frosting, however....

I've found just over one half a tub is best.

The balls form easiest this way, it's less messy and they're less likely to fall off the stick.

*MAKE SURE you don't even attempt making your pops without having a styrofoam block.

The pops are quite top-heavy and styrofoam seems to be the thing to keep 'em upright.

Also, you'll want to make sure you have an extra block for when the dipping begins.

*I make sure to freeze my pops for a few ours at least before dipping.

And once the dipping begins, I take the pops out of the freezer one at a time.

If they thaw even slightly you run the risk of having them fall right off the stick mid-dip........

......And no one likes a mid-dip ball bail.
Note: It takes a fair amount of maturity to communicate 'dip my balls' without snickering.
Good luck with that.....

*I like to dress my pops up with some colored sugar.

Wilton's, that is.

I have the sugar ready in a bowl and immediatly once the pop is covered in chocolate, dab the top for some added pizazz.

*My favorite combos so far: Swiss Chocolate Cake with Lavender Chocolate and Rainbow Bit Cake with Rose Chocolate.  

And now....

A walk down Cake Pop memory lane.

Hello Gorgeous....
Where have you been all my life?


Cake Pop creating can become highly addictive and one may develop an obsession.

I knew I had a problem when my husband delivered me this ultimatum:

'It's me or the cake pops.'


Anonymous said...

Raquel! Thanks for posting this for me :D I love the label "Yum" LOL

Okay, so I'm really new to the whole "colored" chocolate other than brown lol Are you saying that the gorgeous blue is CHOCOLATE? Wow... I didn't know this. I always thought it was some kind of candy or something.

Oh, and when you say "tub" of icing, do you mean the container that pre-made icing comes in, like Betty Crocker? (I always make homemade icing :D)

Do you just melt the icing in a pot and dip then stick it into the styrofoam? How does it not drip down the lollistick?

Raquel said...

No prob Jaime!
Yes, I was referring to the Betty Crocker icing! The cream cheese kind or whichever you'd prefer... You actually mix the icing into the broken up cake (break cake into crumbs after baking and cooling). The icing is what helps bond the cake crumbs to make a ball (shape with your hands).
And yes! You'd be amazed the different colors chocolate wafers come in! Look up Wilton wafers online-- all the colors of the rainbow :)
Because you previously freeze the balls before dipping, the chocolate takes only seconds to solidify once dipped, although, you will want to try to drip-off the extra chocolate.
Message me any ol' time if you have more questions!

Raquel said...

Forgot to add, it'll be the chocolate you'll be melting... not the icing! Just mix the icing into the cake crumbs as is. The chocolate I melt by microwave... a little bit at a time.

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks again! I can't wait to make these :) I think they sell the chocolate wafers at the Bulk Barn (one of my fav places to shop!) I'll be getting some this weekend :D

KOosterveld said...

AWESOME!! they look soooooo good ... now can you come and make me some because i dont bake lol!!

Raquel said...

When should I book my flight?? Hee hee... :)

KOosterveld said...

NOW!!! lol anytime is the perfect time for a girls getaway!! :)

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Jill said...

Hi! just found your blog through boost your blog Friday. I'm now following you! Hope you'll stop by and consider following me back. These cake pops look so yummy! Have a great weekend!

Krystal said...

Following from Boost My Blog Friday.

Truthful Mommy said...

Bwahahaha! I've never heard of these. I bet my girls would love them.I am your newest follower.Please return the favor!

funfunfun said...

Such a neat idea!
Following from blog to have you follow back!

Erin said...

Raquel! This is Conor's Mom, Erin, from the Treehouse preschool. I just stumbled upon your blog! How crazy is that? I, too, am addicted to making cake pops! Love all your posts are too funny! And the kids have gotten so big. I have bookmarked you so I can keep up with your fam! Take care!


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