Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fantastic news everyone....

I'm on mommy holidays.

Right- no kids.


Sleepover at Grampy's.

How did I get so lucky?!

Poor James still has to work.....

But even so, last evening we were able to go out for dinner just the two of us.

 And before bed, the only teeth we were brushing and flossing were our own.

Sweet freedom.

That day was gloriously spent with my sister, Kirsten, doing lunch
(I receive way too much enjoyment from the phrase 'Let's do lunch!'.  It's unhealthy really....)

and shopping.

Unfortunately, I still received a scolding from her for only purchasing clothing for my kids and none for myself.

Bad Habit, I suppose.

(Even on holidays, they're still forever and always on my mind.)

I can handle that.

And if that day wasn't one for the books already....

Today, my granny and me traipsed around the Fringe Festival.

Lunched at The New York Bagel Cafe.

Enjoyed TWO  fancy coffees (each!) and sipped berry tea.

Met with Kirsten on her break from the parlour.

Treated myself and Kirst to cupcakes at Flirt Cupcakes (Granny's not into cupcakes.
Bizarre, I know......)

Mine: Lemon Buttercream & Coconut frosting and Vanilla cake.

Hers: Peppermint Buttercream frosting and Chocolate cake.

We both agreed, were it available, we'd rather just do frosting shots.

Who needs cake?

And here now I sit.
Typing away the days events.
In utter and total silence.

Feels good.

Feeling refreshed :)


KOosterveld said...

sooooo jealous ... but also very happy for you!! you deserve a nice break and some me time!! Im glad to hear youre having a good time!! :)

Raquel said...

It was sweet while it lasted, thank you :)

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