Friday, August 13, 2010

granny's garden

In my grandma's garden, you're

likely to stumble upon some of this action:

And maybe even a little of this:

Nude dudes and nekid ladies.

Or art, rather.

My grandma is an artist and sculpturist and in my day we were

 accustomed to seeing bosom and whatnot,

sculpturely speaking of


whether it be in the living room, bookshelf, or... garden.

On occassion, we've even attempted optical illusions with them and

pretended they were our friends.

Like so:

Easter 2008

Aaron offered the suggestion today that maybe the garden
statues were there to frighten the slugs away.

Like scarecrows with birds.

Interesting thought.

Of course, he came up with this conclusion after grandma sent us

on the prowl for slugs....

$1 a slug.

we did not look very hard.


someday I hope to have my own garden museum of free spirited art work.

After all, the human body is a beautiful thing...

As my grandma has nurtured me to believe, no matter what the perkiness or size.

One last thing. 

Granny's Morning Glories were truly looking glorious this morning.



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