Friday, January 7, 2011

Year In Review: 2010 Edition

Heyyy Everybody!

Hope your Christmas was as sassy and tenderrrr as mine
and my sincerest blessings for an adventurous and uplifting New Year!

Time again for the 'traditional' look-back at 2010's highlights
made possible by my impeccable calender keeping skills.

January 2010:

Started the year off with a BANG and surprised ourselves with a last minute trip to Mexico!

First trip together!

James' first time flying!



February 2010:

Life resumes as usual.
Hockey rules all our weekends (Saturdays aand Sundays...)
Aaron conquers his first water slide and gets a haircut.

March 2010:

Ava turns 4.
Aaron turns 6.

Me-- upto my eyeballs in cake pops.

April 2010:

Ava starts ballet.
Aaron starts inline hockey.
We hit up the College Pro Rodeo and deep fry our first turkey like true rednecks.
I start my new workout class and nearly vomit the first day....

Out of shape much?

May 2010:

My sil Kimmy comes to town for a visit and we hit up a movie, eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's each and take fun baby bump pics just for giggles.
James starts hockey and men's slow pitch
has his luscious locks ALL chopped off at The Beauty Parlour.

June 2010:

School's out.
Summer holidays begin (for the kids).
My lil sis Dallas graduates from high school.
Ava performs in her ballet recital.
Eclipse premieres....and gets a rating of two thumbs DOWN from me : (

July 2010:

The kids start swimming lessons for the first time
and you can tell......
They swim like rocks.
I have the pleasure of modeling for the fall/winter catalogue for Whiteridge active wear.
James continues with hockey and slow pitch.

August 2010:

..... Is missing from my calendar.
No freakin' clue what we did that month.
Surely something epic......

September 2010:

Aaron starts school.
Our fifth anniversary-- celebrated in San Francisco!
James fulfills his dream of attending a MLB game.
Take the family for a quadding/fishing adventure out at Buck Lake.
I start working part-time at The Beauty Parlour.
Brother Geoff-y is born.

October 2010:

Aaron's regular hockey season kicks off
and has two cavities filled at the dentist.
We enjoy a whimsical Thanksgiving out at the lake.
James and I get in on the Halloween fun and dress up for the first time
(as adults, that is....)
I turn 28... meh.

November 2010:

Brother Dave comes to town for a visit and we hit up the tapan tables- yumm.
The Deathly Hallows premieres and Kirsten and I wish we would've drew lightening scars on our foreheads like everyone else.
James turns 28 and we have a romantical dinner with family at The Sawmill.

December 2010:

I get to parent-help at The Festival of Trees for the second year in a row
-- perks of a repeating kindergartner mom, yep.
I partake in my first Christmas cookie exchange in years.
My gramma continues teaching me how to make our family's traditional 'Yellow Buns'.
Aaron gets his first hat trick at a local hockey tournament.
James learns the sacred art of Ollie Ballen deep-frying.
Ava goes to the dentist for the first time-- no cavities!
Jesus' birthday : )

And there you have it.
2010 wrapped up into one blog post.
Hope you enjoyed!


KOosterveld said...

LOVE IT!! looks like you had a great fun year!! love the pictures as well (as usual!) and i must say I feel so special to be a part of your year (and blog) :)

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