Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm happy to inform you

my unfortunate case of the winter frumpy's
seems to have come to an end.

And therefor,
I can blog again :)

I'm feeling extra happy for the moment.

I've got a crisp new book to indulge in:

The Hunger Games
By: Suzanne Collins

Higghhly anticipating this book based on many a sweet, sweet recommendation.

Hopefully it'll get me out of my post Harry Potter Series schlump?!

..... Which has lasted a whole year now, I might add.
{Soooo depressing.  uGH.}

And only moments ago
I purchased myself a new frother from Stokes.

Thrilling, I know.

I've never been so excited to make milk foam
(London Fog, FYI)

Which should tell you just how dull the last three weeks of my life have been.

Where I hail from
we've been battling an average of -27 degree C weather
and dumps upon dumps of snow.

Record breaking actually.

Since 1973.

There's a fun fact for ya
~if you could even call it that~

The Hubb-ster shoveling my sister out:
(And that wasn't even the worst of it.  Ew.)

Never in my life have I seen so much snow.


Thank heaven
this past week has finally turned around.

The sun has come out and the mercury risen.

My kidlets playing in the snow:

They make 60cm of snow look fun ;)

London Fog:

 250mL Steamed skim milk
1 Earl Grey Tea sachet
1 fun squirt of vanilla syrup

....and a vigorous frothing :)


KOosterveld said...

Im soooo glad to have you back!! glad to hear youre feeling happier :) Also glad to hear you found a new book to read, I myself and dredding the end of the Harry Potter books!
Also, thank you for the drink idea cant wait to try it!!

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