Monday, March 7, 2011

'Mommy, your polka dots are beautiful'

(Uber-cute birthday invite created with Picnik)

As in, my freckles.

A compliment as earnest and unique as this could only originate from my sweet, dearest Ava
(she told me this lastnight and I almost died from overwhelming sweetness overload-- true story.)

--who happens to be turning five in a week.

Happy face :)
Sad face :(
Confused face :/

A mixed bag of emoticon when you realize your baby's growing up.

Birthday Girl's cake request:
[drum roll inserted here]

A kitty cat cake.
To the liking of 'Marie'
from the Aristocats.



KOosterveld said...

aww so cute! I wish i could be there for her birthday :( And the build a bear workshop , what a great idea!!! you're so smart! and as for the cake I have no doubt you'll do a GREAT job!!!

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