Thursday, March 17, 2011

(Pistachio pudding topped with fresh whipped cream)

Top o' the afternoon to ya!

When I was a just a sprout,
my mom used to make us green pancakes with fresh whipped cream

--all in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

And you know what-- it was fun.

I love festive jargon,

but too often don't feel I have the energy to tackle such ambitious ventures.

Well, my headcold must be subsiding
because today I awoke with a serious

and somewhat frightening

'take no prisoners' determination
to do something extra special
this St. Patty's Day.

With the help of my pal google

I believe I've come up with a menu
that would impress the shamrock out of any lad or lass.

Shamrock Stew found here.

Accompanied by a ridiculously healthybutthekidsdon'tknowit Shamrock
Smoothie found here.

And Jello's Pistachio Pudding topped w/
fresh whipped cream for dessert.

Magically delicious.

Irish Blessings to you all this St. Patty's Day :)


KOosterveld said...

sounds and looks sooooo yummy!! I want to come to your house!!!

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