Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're Baaaaack!

Home sweet home- Just got home from our Kananaskis trip yesterday late afternoon! We had a great time, got to see family from far, far away (B.C., lol)... It was a great sense of accomplish-ment having the whole crew travel there, arrive safe and sound, and enjoy each others company. We've never gotten together like this before, so if it sounds strange to say it was an accomplishment-- really, a family of this size (22 of us in total) makes you wanna shout 'We did it!!', lol. Again, the kids had a great time. For the most part, we barely seen them all weekend as they were off frolicking in nature with their cousins. The only downside to speak of was the million-and-one outhouse trips we had to make with the kids (Okay, I say million, but I really mean, like, every half-hour 'I gotta pee!'). Highlights of the weekend: connecting with distant relatives, playing Phase 10 with my sis-in-laws, birthday celebration for James' mom, scenic trip into Kananaskis Village, and a good ol' fashioned camp-out in the Trapper's Tent with my fam!


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