Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Prepared... Mostly.

Just finished the long weekend, and now, buckling down to get ready for this upcoming weekend's events-- Tipi Camping in Kananaskis! It's James' mom's 50th birthday this Saturday and all of us kids (4 sons, 3 wives, 12 grand kids) are making our way out to Kananaskis Country to celebrate it. It'll be the first time all of us will be venturing out on a camping trip together, so I'm convinced, there is some great fun to be had! James' brother Dave, his wife and their two kids are even traveling from Penticton to join us on this crazy expedition. This will be my fourth time camping at Sundance Lodges. I recommend it to everyone! Glorified camping at its finest!! My mom originally took us out there about 7 years ago and I'm so glad she did. It's a little piece of heaven right here in Alberta.

I'm about as prepared as I'll ever be. I started getting the dry goods and whatnot about 2 weeks ago-- actually purchased Rubbermaid storage tubs (**gives the appearance of professional campers**-- a look we're trying to go for. If you can't make it-- Fake it.); desperately trying to catch up on the laundry before Thursday... I tell ya, organization does not come easy for me-- but I think I may actually be succeeding!
The best part is, without having to plan some big, over-the-top vacation outside of the country... This four hour drive away from the city will be one of the best memories together as a family, all year.
*Photos are of last year's Kananaskis trip*


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