Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters to Santa

Last night, I sat down with the kids to help them write wish lists to Santa.  For the first time, Aaron is finally showing somewhat of an interest in Santa Claus which really tickles me as I didn't think I'd see the day.  He still has no interest in going to sit on his lap or anything like that, but he was eager to pen a wishlist and equally eager, was Ava.  I spent most of my time assisting Aaron, writing down word-for-word his 'wishes' while at the same time I explained to him how the whole Santa thing works.  Ava needed little help as she was well on her way, filling out her whole page with colorful drawings of all the toys she wants and signing her little name to finish.  At some point, Ava must have become aware of mine and Aaron's conversation, overhearing how Santa eats the cookies we leave for him and that he leaves gifts under the tree for us while we're sleeping.  She looked up from her page (you could just see the wheels turning...) and said, with a very concerned look on her face, "Mom, I have lots of toys.  I don't want anything for Christmas.  I'm throwing this (her wishlist) in the garbage, okay Mom?!".  Obviously, something about the idea of Santa being in our house was really to her disliking.  There was no stopping the girl and unfortunatly, the wishlist was unsavable (I'd thrown out leftovers just earlier).  Oh, it was too cute!  And Aaron, I'd have to say his wishlist is equally humorous.  Basically, Dear Santa-- I don't wanna see you.  I don't wanna hear you.  I don't even want to know you were here.  Just leave the presents under the tree and be on your merry-little-xmas way.  From Aaron. 


KOosterveld said...

LOVE IT!!! lol thats sooo funny!!!

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