Sunday, July 12, 2009

Unsuspecting Scorcher

Our ventures for today consisted of picking up our niece, Cheyenne, and heading out to Miquelon Lake to enjoy the beach. The forecast was looking especially good as it was predicted to be 26 degrees-- A hot one! It turned out more windy than anything, so you really didn't feel the heat so much... which did not do any favors for James or myself (We both are suffering mysterious sun burns even though we hardly felt the sun). Lesson learned: Mom's and Dad's need sunblock too!! That didn't seem to faze the kids, however. They had blast swimming, building sandcastles, playing baseball and burying each other in the sand. I've posted the cutest video of Ava being buried in the sand. My favorite part: "This is gonna be the best!!"-- Ava.

Anyhow, the day went well, but unfortunately, my face is looking a lot like a cherry tomato and the underside of my legs feel like they're on fire-- OUCH!


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