Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend at Miquelon Lake

This past weekend we took a trip out to Miquelon Lake. The weather held up for the most part (a dash of rain here and there). It's the first time we've ever camped-out in a tent all together. Can we say 'tent trailer'?! While the great outdoors is a breathtaking and revitalizing experience in itself, I can honestly say-- I'm just not as 'outdoorsy' as I once deemed myself to be. I've gotten used to the comfort of tipi's and double-wide trailer's, you could say!

We had a lot of fun together, despite the sleeping arrangements, and we all really enjoy Miquelon's beach. We'll definitely be heading out there again before the summer is over, even if just for a day trip!


hazel said...

Hi, not sure how this works, but hopefully you'll get this message. Grandpa and I(Hazel) are heading to the east coast on Sat. (25), will be gone til approx. Sept. 7th. If anyone needs us, our phone #'s are 250 488 8012, or 403 740 4949. We will have some computer access, so you should hear from us at some point.

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