Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aaron's Beauty Parlour Experience

With Aaron starting Kindergarten next week, it was imperitive we have his overgrown goldie locks tended to at once.  Kirsten basically owns his head of hair, so it was only natural that we take a trip to her salon 'The Beauty Parlour', yesterday morning.  She's worked there now for over 3 months yet this was my first time visiting the salon (I know, shame on me).  It's a uniquely stylish place that could best be described as vintage glamourousIt also happened to be Kirsten's birthday so it was an extra nice visit.
Aaron was too funny getting his hair done.  Between the scalp massage, shampoo and haircut; his facial expressions were priceless!  Large mirror+little boy=funny faces!  When given the option to take it all off or keep his luscious long locks.... as always, he chose to keep it long.  What can I say!  The boy loves his curls (and so do I)!!


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