Saturday, September 19, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

This past week, James and I celebrated our fourth anniver-sary.  So far, we haven't gotten too excited about any of our anniver-saries.  We are only into our fourth year of marr-iage which is only a tiny blip when you consider the couples who have been married 25 years and on.  Now there's an achievement!  I don't look at us and think 'Phew-- we made 4 years so far-- Hallejuliah!"... no, lol.  Too me, that only sounds like the odds are piled against you and it's a pure miracle you've made it too this point.  What I'm trying to explain is, we don't look back with the attitude that we 'can't believe we've made it this far'... It's not hard to believe at all.  We've worked very diligently at it.  I definitely enjoy realizing that we are better four years later, than worse from where we once started.  It seems that we are only improving!!  So just imagine the leaps and bounds we'll have made by our 25th!?!  James'll be serving me breakfast in bed every morning, refer to me as 'Queen Raquel', make my coffee just right, have all the laundry responsibilities and he'll send me to the spa every other weekend.....  Aaah, Utopia!
XOXO **Love you, James**


KOosterveld said...

lol thats sooo funny!! youre cute Raquel!!! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You guys are an awesome couple!!

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