Saturday, September 19, 2009

Road Trip

It must have been last weekend or the weekend before, James' mom planted a dozen or so lilac trees and shrubs at the lake lot.  Well, they were in need of some watering this weekend while his mom was out of town so I gladly volunteered to make the trip while James and the kids hung out at home today.  I needed a trusty sidekick so I called on my niece, Cheyenne, to tag along with me.  Equipped with a variety of top-notch junk food (Joe Louis', screamers & Munchie Mix) we headed out onto the open road-- Just us girls!  The trip there went smoothly, the watering- even smoother, and before we knew it we were back on the road.  Because of construction we encountered on the way there I decided with James' help that I would take a different route home.  I appreciated the change of scenery as the usual drive to and from the lake was really starting to get old.  We made a pit-stop in Smoky Lake (love that little town!) to check out the giant pumpkins and stop in at one of the local greenhouses.  All was going well until we took an unexpected detour... or rather, some like to call it the 'scenic route'.  Basically, we got lost.  What should have been a one-and-a-half to two hour drive home, took more like 3 hours.  Don't ask me how, cuz I haven't a clue how it happened (must have missed my turn while busy belting out the lyrics to 'Kissed by a Rose'... try explaining that to your husband who is worried you may never find your way home).  Regardless, we found our way eventually! 


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