Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Value of a Quarter Century

She's my baby sister, bosom buddy and best friend.  And today she's 25 years old.  How crazy is that?!  Sisters for a quarter century now (sounds nutty, doesn't it?)!  I thank God for putting Kirsten in my life and in my children's lives, as well.  And here's where I really lay on the cheese (my apologies, but there's really no other way to express my feelings without sounding slightly corny-- but it's worth it!): she laughs with me, she cries with me, she sticks by me even when I rock the boat, she encourages me to strive for more, she's freakin' funny, her heart is one of the most generous I've known, she's sensitive to others' feelings, she witnessed the birth of my first born (against her will, but none the less... lol), she adores my kids and loves them unconditionally, she covers my roots, keeps me stylish (I'm a work in progress...) and she's always got my back.  I could go on and on.... and on, literally.  To sum it all up, she gets me and I get her.  I love her dearly and look forward to the great things that are going to happen in her life; blessed that I can be a part of them.
Happy Birthday, Kirst!


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