Friday, October 23, 2009

New Hobby Alert!!

Bracelets. I was channel surfing a few weeks back when I happened to stumble upon the 'Tori and Dean Inn Love' reality show. I'm not much of a fan but that's neither here or there... What I noticed was these charming little bracelets Tori was wearing with her kids names on them. I immediatly decided this was something I must have and therefor set to work planning how I was going to execute this idea. Before the day was done, I had whipped myself up a couple of cute bracelets that were virtually one-of-a-kind and undeniably fashion forward! Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Even Kirsten is rockin' an uber-trendy MOWGLI bracelet.
Want one? !


Us and Them Make 10! said...

I have noticed you wearing those and they are cute!! I would love to some but I have so many kids!! That is a lot of bracelets to wear and to make!!! But great job kiddo!!

Raquel said...

We could make one that says 'Octomom'?! Lol, just jokes! Thank you!

Us and Them Make 10! said...

For real.. I think I like the "Octomom" It is who I am!!! So how much do you and can I pick the color of the beads??

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