Saturday, October 17, 2009

Twinkling Stars

It's official. The Christmas lights............... are out. Every year, my ridiculously kind and generous neighbor, Mr. D, gets the lights out and up before the weather officially turns. You never can predict when that'll be here in Alberta. Anyhow, usually just before Halloween. I know some may be thinking it's way too early for that, but in his defence (and mine) we do get to point and laugh at the other neighbors putting theirs up in minus 20 degree weather. I did my part by keeping good company and he strung them up. I can feel the Christmas warm-tinglies already!

**FYI- We don't turn them on just yet. We're not that nerdy....


KOosterveld said...

thats awesome .. Im trying sooooo hard to not put up decorations yet lol I want it to be christmas sooo bad!!! -- and youre right it may seem early but at lease you wont freeze to death trying to put them up later! very smart!

ramieklasen said...

Raquel you are the most talented, creative person I have ever met!! Great job on all of this!! It is absolutely beautiful!!

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